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“Jaw-droppingly talented musician” – BBC Radio 2
“Breathtaking” – Sea of Tranquility

Alan Emslie September 2020

Alan was born in Glasgow in 1969.
He moved to Edinburgh aged 5, where he continues to live today.
At age 9, he fell in love with the music of Rush, Bach and Shostakovich which eventually led him to taking percussion lessons with the late Dr. Andrew Shivas.
With the help of his excellent tuition and enormous insight, Alan progressed until his first “pro gig” in 1989. He then went to study music at university and conservatoire. Since then his career has flourished, seeing him performing everything from baroque timpani to prog-rock drums and from world percussion to electric guitar/keys/bass/vocals.
Concerts in The Carnegie Hall New York, The Albert Hall London, Tanglewood Massachusetts, Berlin Philharmonie, Glastonbury, Wickerman and Latitude festivals, Hong Kong, Japan, USA, Canada, virtually all of Western Europe, China and Scandinavia have kept him busy.
Alan has recorded over 100 albums with orchestras, ensembles and bands as well as recording and producing his own music at his studio, Le Studio Scotland.
With Plastic Noose, Soft Monster and his Alan Emslie solo albums, he has always stuck to his core values and kept his wicked sense of humour. Alan has found ways to combine styles and instruments to create something unique, as well as recording as much of his music in live takes as possible, to capture the ‘magic moments’.
In January 2020, Alan decided to stop full-time touring and focus on his own music & other interesting and exciting projects.
You can watch Alan’s videos on youtube here and he also does an occasional amusing vodcast called MMM Vodcast

Alan is releasing a special track this year on 21/12/20.
Alan’s next solo album, ‘Alan Emslie – Witch-Hunt’ will be released on 21/12/21.
The next Plastic Noose album is scheduled for release on 21/12/22.
See a pattern there? 🙂
This website was built in October 2020 and will no doubt grow over the coming months. We hope you enjoy it!

Alan Emslie – ‘Witch-Hunt’ drum kit

Since 2018 Alan Emslie has endorsed Code Drum Heads

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