Exowst Scotland

Avant-garde Metal from Scotland


EXOWST SCOTLAND debut track 1789 performed in live takes using Gamelan Gongs/Orchestral & Suspended Gongs/Burma Bells/Bass Drums/Electric Guitars & Voice.

EXOWST SCOTLAND second track of 2022 entitled 22222 was released on February 22nd 2022,
22222 was performed in live takes using a Bechstein Piano/Orchestral Gong/Orchestral Cymbals/Bass Drum/Weird Sound Effects/Synthesizer/8 String Electric Guitar & Vocals.
It is available from all the usual places & a video of Snow peforming the track was released on the same date at the official EXOWST SCOTLAND youtube channel here

EXOWST SCOTLAND third track of 2022 entitled 1001001 was released on 31st March 2022.
1001001 was performed by Snow in live takes using a Synthesizer & an 8 String Electric Guitar. You can download EXOWST SCOTLAND – ‘1001001’ from the usual places

copyright Alan Emslie 2022