Yule 2021 Christmas 2021

This page will be updated soon for 2021!!
Below is the 2020 page!

October 1st 2020 and governments around Europe are cancelling Yule/Christmas.
October 1st 2020 in Alan’s house and the Yule/Christmas trees are up, lights are up and on, everything is being prepared for Yule/Christmas 2020.
2020 has been a very hard year and we need to enjoy things as much as possible.
On this page over the coming weeks and months, Alan will post some fun and tasty seasonal recipes and drinkies to make this years festive season as special as can be.


Alan had to delay ‘Alan Emslie – Witch-Hunt‘ to 21/12/21 due to Covid 19.
However, on December 21st 2020 Alan will release a special 20-minute track Y 20 21 for you to enjoy during the holidays.
Y 20 21 will be available to download from all the usual places on 21/12/20.

2020 will be the first year in over 20 years that Alan will not perform multiple Handel Messiah’s in December. This is going to be very strange indeed.
To somehow keep the Messiah tradition going, Alan is going to listen to a Messiah he recorded from start to finish and invites you to join him.
The Messiah version that Alan has chosen to listen to is:

So, get your CDs/streaming service/download ready
December 23rd 2020
Start time 7pm (UK time) CD1 – 65:05
Break 8.05pm to 8.25pm
(to open a bottle/refill the grog/mulled wine and get snacks)
8.25pm CD2 – 70:23
The music should end at approx 9.35pm!

Yes! This one!!

Alan’s Yule Cured Salmon!

This recipe is borrowed from Trine Hahnemann with some adjustments.
You will need:
1 kg side of salmon (with skin)
100g peeled & grated beetroot
100g peeled & grated fresh horseradish
100g Maldon salt
100g caster sugar
3 tbsp crushed black peppercorns
3 tbsp fennel seeds

Mix the beetroot, horseradish, salt, sugar, peppercorns & fennel seeds together.
Place the salmon skin side down in a glass dish & pour the mix over covering the entire flesh. Cover with cling film. Ram this in the fridge for 3 days.
After the 3 days have passed rinse the mix off the salmon & wipe the salmon clean.
Simply slice the salmon at a slight angle leaving the skin behind.


More Christmas 2020 stuff is coming
Bookmark this page and keep checking for updates! 🙂

copyright Alan Emslie 2021